Tip- Caring for Someone with Parkinson’s

We asked our Care Management team: What is one tip for caring for someone with dementia?

Here are some of their responses:

Shari: Keep Moving. Some ways are Physical Therapy, Private trainers, and  Boxing for Parkinson’s Programs.

Summer: Work with a physical therapist who specializes in movement disorders and exercise daily.  Movement has actually shown to slow the progression of the disease.

Shannon: One tip for success when working with someone with Parkinson’s is to encourage increased activity, daily exercise, staying hydrated and eating a healthy diet. Keeping a journal to log daily exercise and food intake is helpful.

Jennifer: One tip for success in working with individuals with Parkinson’s is to adapt their living environment by making home modifications for ease of movement and to enhance safety.

Katherine: I have learned, mostly from family members/caregivers, about the importance of frequent evaluation, monitoring and recording of Parkinson’s symptoms as their progression and changes can be subtle or dramatic and timelines are not always clear.  Journaling is also a great tool for caregivers to express and document their emotional experience.

Briana: One tip for people suffering with Parkinson’s, and all neur-cognitive disorders, per Dr. Henry Moore and Dr. Rivera is Early diagnosis and interventions. A stationary bike is advised for slowing symptoms.
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