Care Management

Ongoing care management is the key to yielding long-term positive results. We hold ourselves to the highest standard and our team is constantly monitoring our clients’ mental and physical status. Based on the results, the care plan is tailored to meet the needs of the client. As we implement the care plan, situations will occur that require our care managers to re-evaluate and make necessary revisions and recommendations.

Follow-up and oversight is what we do best and is the key to success. Our team is well equipped to manage crises, oversee medication management, communicate with medical personnel, coordinate transportation, oversee and train caregivers, and address any situation that arises. The ongoing care management can include daily or weekly checkups, depending on the client’s needs.

Medical Oversight

One of the most important services that our care managers offer is medical oversight. Our care managers coordinate with every medical professional involved with the client’s care, ensuring that all information is being shared and that there are no gaps in care.

Our medical oversight includes:

  • Accompanying clients to medical appointments
  • Coordinating care and sharing information among healthcare professionals
  • Ensuring clients receive checkups at hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities

Medication Management

At Senior Options, we make sure to effectively and safely manage our clients’ medications. Our care managers are aware of the many problems that may arise when older adults are taking multiple medications. We are proactive in evaluating and assessing the need for current medications and making all healthcare providers aware of what medications the client is taking. Medication oversight also includes medication compliance and self-medicating.

When it comes to medications, “less is more,” and it is our goal to verify that our clients are not only following their medication regimen, but helping ensure the regimen is right for them.