"From our first phone call to our final communication, Shari and her team listened to our needs and assisted accordingly. We didn't know how to get my Aunt and Grandmother into a safe living arrangement. Our Care Managers knowledge of how the system works and continually making inquiries on our behalf and getting us answers we needed was the most valuable service Senior Options could provide us. All of this ultimately brought us to our best case scenario end result. I would absolutely refer Senior Options to my family and friends."
Tina D. Boynton Beach, FL
"We cried out for help and you answered with kindness and dignity."
Barbara J., New York
"Our Senior Options Care Manager was WONDERFUL. She had tremendous expertise and a heart of gold. I really did feel like she took care of my mom the way she would have taken care of her own. Helping my mom to make the transition to supported/assisting living; negotiating family based concerns, general coping with the aging and disability process for my mom."
Roberta H., Illinois
"When asked to describe Shari Geller and her team, this is what comes to mind: Very responsive and efficient; Excellent follow up; Instrumental in closing gaps between all health care professionals; Very proactive (a go-getter); Highly motivated, self starter; Very adaptable; Diligent; Empathetic; Very intuitive; Very passionate about what she does; Very resourceful; Uses creative tactics in presenting solutions."
Laura G., Lake Worth, FL.
"I've had the good fortune to work with Senior Options for several years. Shari Geller, care manager and owner of Senior Options, is very professional, kind and compassionate in her approach with families as well as with professionals. I have referred families to Senior Options and know that they are very satisfied with the services provided."
Marcia T., Marketing Director, Memory Care Facility, Del Ray Beach, Florida
"Shari Geller is truly the best! I called her when my father was in a crisis situation and needed to be placed in assisted living that provides a high level of care. Living in New York made finding the appropriate place for dad more difficult. Shari's expertise in the field is second to none. She treats everyone involved with respect, compassion and dignity. She gives 110% every day. I cannot praise her enough."
Phil M., New York
"The team at Senior Options is one of the best teams around; these confident knowledgeable and professional women are able to handle the toughest of situations with extreme ease"
Ryan R., Fort Lauderdale, FL
"Shari is the consummate professional. She is knowledgeable about the elderly, compassionate, thorough, and, most important, she knows how to solve challenging problems."
Mindy S., Attorney, MSW, Boca Raton, Florida
"As long distance caregivers, it was invaluable having Shari and her team assist us with navigating the health care system in FL. She genuinely got to know our family and our needs in order to help us make the best care choices. Senior Options worked with our changing situation through the continuum of care, including home care, assisted living, hospitalizations and hospice. It is comforting to know with Shari's help that we all did what we could to make our father happy, comfortable and safe. Shari is truly a compassionate and knowledgeable professional!"
Debbie S. New York
"I never knew a service like Senior Options existed until my stepmother got sick.  I cannot imagine what I would have done without them.  I was 1400 miles away and could not travel due COVID-19.  I called in the morning and talked to Shari to discuss my needs.  Before noon, the same day I was contacted by Geriatric Care Manager Briana Howard.  She immediately took control of the situation and helped coordinate all the services and caregivers.  My stepmother was now safe.  She emailed, texted, or called just about every day.  Briana became my eyes and ears.  She presented with a variety options as the situation changed.  Some of which I was unfamiliar with.  I can whole heartedly recommend Senior Options."
Marc F., Chicago, Illinois
"Dear Shari, I have to tell you how much I appreciate working with Lori, she is great, always communicating with me. She helped solve all of the problems getting my wife V. out of her facility and back home. She ordered all of the necessary equipment and supplies needed in the house. My wife is home now and very happy because of Lori's help. I would gladly recommend her to anyone with a medical problem."
Lester N. Delray Beach, FL
"Brianna has been like an angel from above, with wisdom, kindness, and undying patience helping us (2 daughters who live out of state) manage his care as his needs changed. She was everywhere and did everything, much better than we could have if we were there. We are grateful beyond words for Senior Options."
Ellen S., New York

I tried three other care managers before discovering Senior Options. None of the others measured up to my high standards. Senior Options is ABSOLUTELY the best care management company I have ever worked with and I have been working in the geriatric field for over 25 years. They are always available, answer every call and text and they never say ”No” to any of my requests! I Highly recommend them!

Amy Nicol, Professional Guardian
There really are no words to express the gratitude I have for Senior Options and its staff. Through the toughest of times, they were there for my family and I - not only in an advocacy role, but in an emotional role as well. Shari knows how to make sure her clients are taken care of in every way possible and is available whenever you need her. That’s rare for a company owner. Actually, it’s rare to find from any working person these days. I can’t say enough wonderful things about our Care Manager. Smart... Considerate... Compassionate... Diligent... Supportive… and instrumental in helping us find our way through the maze of confusion involving everything from rehab and assisted living to oxygen tank issues, medicaid questions and discussions with doctors. For those looking for help with all aspects of senior care, Senior Options would be my first and only choice. If I could give a star rating to Senior Options, it would 5 out of 5. Thank you for all you’ve done.
Rob K., Connecticut
I was out of town and getting calls from my mother and I knew she needed help. There was also a hurricane on the way so time was of the essence. You got someone to her place within a few hours. After that, we hired your company and Lori was assigned to her case. She was a lifesaver for us. She always stayed on top of things and handled her caregivers, medication, and doctor visits. There were also countless other little things that she just took care of. It would have been very difficult for us to handle everything long distance. I don’t know how many times my sister and I said “What would we do without Lori?”
Susan A., New York
"I have been working with Senior Options for over two years and I couldn't be more pleased. Shari and her team have been wonderful to work with. Our family did a lot of research in trying to determine the type of help my 90-year-old dad would need and who could provide those services. We spoke with large home health care agencies and found them to be too rigid and impersonal. When we spoke with Shari, she came across as a caring professional with my dad's best interest at heart. We found her fees to be reasonable so we gave it a shot. Boy, did we make the right decision! Senior Options didn't look at my dad as a number or a chore, but rather as an individual that deserved respect and needed to have his voice heard. Shari to this day treats my dad like he is part of her family. She has a wonderful sense of humor and, equally important, she has the skill set to handle crisis situations. Shari has been a wealth of information for our family and I'm convinced that dad is thriving due in a large part to her and his caregivers."
Scott B., New Jersey
"I truly cherish the working relationship and I am always so glad when my clients take my advice and bring Senior Options onboard." -Dan T., Elder Law Attorney Lake Worth, FL
Dan T., Elder Law Attorney
"Shari was very helpful with many suggestions, compassion, and listened well. Very personable, good understanding of my situation and options."
Leslie A., Vermont
“We needed Shari and her team for help, advice and action. We got all that, along with extraordinary compassion, caring and patience. Shari has a unique gift, and my family and I would recommend her without hesitation. She will always hold a special place in our hearts.”
Steve J., New Jersey
"I was introduced to Senior Options from a reputable doctor in Boynton Beach. I can't begin to thank Shari and her staff for the outstanding service they afforded to my family. From small items such as checking in on the caregiving situation to finding the right AL for my Mom, Shari acted with a sense of urgency and true caring. I would recommend Senior Options to all, including those children living in the NE with parents in Florida."
Andrea F., New York
"I think the world of our Senior Options Care Manager. She is an angel and was so good and caring that I felt my father was in better hands than if I were there. All my dealings with Senior Options have been excellent and I would recommend your agency to anyone who might ask."
Diane M., Massachusetts
"Senior Options has made the traumatic, confusing and difficult process of placing someone in assisted care much less overwhelming. Particularly for someone outside of the area, the task of selecting a facility seems insurmountably difficult, and having an experienced advisor knowledgeable in the process, the alternatives and logistics makes all the difference in the world. The entire experience of locating and moving into the facility was handled professionally and in every detail by a caring and calm professional, and Shari has monitored every aspect of care. Having a consultant to guide us as to what is "normal," what can be done to deal with mental decline and illness, and to map out the likely future has given us comfort that we have been able to make the best of a declining situation, and provide the best result possible. My father has had the benefit of a caring, but objective and calm person supervising his care in a way we never could living in another state. Shari has also been sensitive to the personal relationships of all involved, and has been able to mediate the emotional conflicts that occur among family members, all toward the goal of getting the best possible result for the patient. Her involvement has truly been life changing for my Dad."
Larry W., New Jersey
"We were heartbroken when T, my sister-in-law, needed to enter long-term care after a terminal cancer diagnosis. We were struggling to come to terms with what lay ahead—the emotional and logistical challenges alone had us reeling—and living thousands of miles away intensified our fears and increased our sense of helplessness. The reality was that although we would fly back and forth to visit T and do everything in our power to get her the best possible care, we couldn’t be readily available to make sure that she was being treated with the respect and dignity she deserved. Actually, we wanted more than that for T; we wanted her to be lavished with TLC. When a family member was referred to Shari Geller at Senior Options we were somewhat hesitant; how could someone outside the family help us? We quickly found out – Shari guided us through the entire process of selecting the most suitable facility, coached us on screening private aides, and even referred us to a top-notch attorney who was, like Shari, a true joy to work with. We came to rely on Shari and her staff at Senior Options to be where we couldn't be and to advocate on T's behalf. In short, to be the family's "eyes and ears." Shari would show up at the care facility unannounced and use her critical eye to assess how things were going. She treated T like her own family member and didn't miss a thing. The staff at Senior Options stepped up, without hesitation, when a crisis emerged during a holiday weekend. Finally, when the time came, Shari guided us though the transition to Hospice Care and supported us though the end. I can't recommend Senior Options highly enough; they were entirely professional, competent, caring and compassionate."
Karen B., California
"Shari Geller and her professionals at Senior Options have provided careful and compassionate assistance to my clients requiring elder care and advice. They are an invaluable resource, especially for out-of-town family who are trying to manage the care for an elderly relative."
Andrew F., Attorney, Boca Raton, Florida
"It has been my great pleasure to have gotten to know her well by working with her on many occasions. In addition to feeling entirely comfortable in referring my elder law client to her for her professional assistance, I have called her for information and advice in many of my cases. Through our professional relationship, I have had the opportunity to observe first-hand her skill, commitment and compassion for my clients, and have come to trust her abilities and knowledge. If Shari does not know the answer, she knows how to find it and puts all of her energy into doing so. Shari is not only skilled and temperamentally suited to this work; she is kind and caring and always puts the client's interests foremost in her priorities. All of my clients who have used her services have been highly satisfied and impressed with her work. When I need a GCM, Shari is always my first choice.”
Pamela B., Attorney, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
"I live in Charlotte, NC, and my sister lives in Boston. We spent much of last year supporting our dad in Florida, while our mom lost a valiant fight after complications from surgery. Our dad was quite ill as well, but it had gotten to the point where my sister and I could not take more time off from work to be in Florida for his doctor visits, etc. To complicate matters, he was also extremely hard of hearing. We needed someone to go with him to his doctors' visits, report the results back to us, and make sure the right questions were asked. Shari was our savior. The compassion, knowledge, and interest she showed made it less difficult for us to return to our homes. She really became part of our family. Words can't express how much she meant to us and our dad. We recommend her and her services wholeheartedly."
Ann L., North Carolina
"Joan has been my rock in navigating seeing my father through the progression of dementia. She approaches every issue with kindness, logic, and reason. When things get difficult, Joan problem solves step by step until things are resolved. I am truly blessed to have Joan by my side as my father ages. " Nancy F.
Nancy F., Bayshore, New York
In short, Senior Options has been a godsend for us. Living 1200 miles away from our aging parents is not ideal and having our Senior Options care consultant on site has been invaluable. The ability to have someone visit with our parents regularly, speak directly with medical staff, and communicate troublesome matters in a clear, unbiased manner is an enormous benefit and reduces our level of stress and urgency tremendously. Prior to engaging Senior Options, we had to coordinate everything ourselves and we found we were running in circles and were often unsuccessful at getting the critical information to make informed decisions. Overall we have been very happy with Senior Options and would recommend them without hesitation.
Sarah L. Massachusetts

Senior Options is one of the most professional, helpful, compassionate, and organized companies I have worked with. Shari Geller is especially amazing and has helped my mom and her aids so much. She always knows what to recommend, what to look for, and what to say to my mom’s aids and to my mom (and to me, her daughter). I always rely on Shari’s excellent advise and am comfortable asking her anything I need to know. Most importantly, Shari has outstanding judgment. My family is so very grateful for everything Shari and the others at Senior Options have done for us and for my mom.

Nancy R., New York