Tip- Caring for Someone With Dementia


We asked our Care Management team: What is one tip for caring for someone with dementia?


Here are some of their responses:


  1. Shari: Routine will help the person with Dementia and their caregiver get through their day with less stress.
  2. Linda: Working with family and caregivers to understand that correcting a person with dementia does no good, possibly agitate the patient.  It is much better to go with the flow.
  3. Summer: Consistency is key! Aim to create a structured and consistent daily routine that balances physical activity and rest, social interaction, and stimulating and soothing activities. Provide an environment with familiar faces and places to reduce confusion or irritability.
  4. Katherine: Focus on interests and activities that help define a person’s sense of joy, “who they are” and create some “connection”, and then encourage them as long as possible with familiar and supportive help.
  5. Shannon: Keeping a daily routine while being gentle and respectful when helping and giving reminders is important to their overall wellbeing.


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