Senior Options Enrichment Program

For Seniors Interested in Maintaining their Quality and Appreciation of Life

Our first series will be: Crushing Corona presented by Briana Howard, LCSW

Feeling anxious and fearful over our current pandemic crisis?  During this series, Briana will offer evidence based, concrete strategies for maintaining peace of mind during the pandemic. She will implement the brilliant pioneering work of Dr. Seligman, Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar and many others. This series will be offered in an experiential workshop so participants may practice the skills and calming tactics throughout the year.

Session 1: Breathing- Practicing the Power of Choice
Session 2: Neurogenesis- and Practicing the Power of Focusing
Session 3: EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Practicing the Power of Somatic Freedom
Session 4: ACT Therapy-Practicing Acceptance and Commitment & Spiritual Values
Session 5: Where do we go from here? Combining Practices into one Holistic Approach

We use Zoom for these sessions which enables us to be together, virtually. If you are interested in learning about upcoming session, please contact us to learn more.