Senior Living Options

As we age, our needs change. At Senior Options, our care managers assess our clients’ environment, ensuring it is an appropriate setting. Our goal is to guide our clients and their families in choosing the most suitable living option based on their needs and wants.

Living at home is where everyone wants to be. In order to age in place, our care managers connect you to the right professionals and resources ensuring your loved one’s safety, well-being and the highest potential quality of life. This includes home modifications, home health aides, social outlets, and so much more. Our success is based on effective coordination and oversight of these services.

When living at home doesn’t make sense due to medical needs, safety issues, or finances, the Senior Options team specializes in finding the best living option for your loved one. These options include assisted living communities, group homes, and skilled nursing facilities.

Relocating at any age can be frustrating to anyone – imagine your loved one having to move from their home of many years. It can be a stressful and emotional experience for many. Based on our expertise and knowledge of the communities, and a thorough assessment, we will offer two or three living options that are best suited for our client.

If moving is a proactive choice for your loved one, and you’re looking for a place where they can start out living independently and then be taken care of as care needs change, our care managers are able to assist in choosing the right Continuum of Care Retirement Community. The Senior Options team is there every step of the way, helping make the transition seamless.