From the CEO’s Desk: What does 13 mean?

I was asked this month: what it means to have reached the milestone of 13 years of Senior Options? This is my raw unedited answer:

To some, 13 is an unlucky number, but at Senior Options it is anything but.

As we celebrate this milestone, we reflect on 13 years of growth, 13 years of partnership, and most importantly 13 years of helping our extraordinary clients and their families.

For 13 years, we  have built a team of highly skilled, passionate professionals with various backgrounds and experience. The diversity of our team enables us to collaborate and provide the most effective outcomes for our clients.

The Values, Ethics and Standards we have identified and abide by, don’t just guide us, they drive our very success.

For 13 years we have partnered with top-tier professionals who embody these same values. We work closely with our community partners whose professionalism and expertise has allowed us to achieve remarkable results. 

For 13 years we have helped hundreds of families who have entrusted us with their most treasured loved ones. Guiding them through the most difficult situations and making life better.

We believe “Everyone Deserves a Good Day” no matter where they are in the aging process and our team builds new models constantly to achieve that “Good Day”. And lastly, as blessed as we are to have helped our clients along their aging journeys, we are grateful for the enrichment and inspiration that have given the entire Senior Options team. 

We are so proud of who we are, what we have built, and looking forward to our next chapter.

Shari Geller, MSW, CMC


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