Tip- What to ask at a Doctor’s Visit?

We asked our Care Management team: What is one question you should ask at routine Doctor’s Visit?

Here are some of their responses:

Shari: Review of current Labs, medication regimen, including dosage, frequency and refills.

Linda: Ask for any lab work,  vital signs , and how is client overall health compared to last visit. If you know there’s are concerns certainly bring that to doctors attention.

Katherine: What do you notice that is different from our client’s last appointment and what would you recommend we try to do to

     – improve any health status decline?

     – maintain stability?

     – reinforce gains?

Summer: Always ask to review the lab work and make sure the medications are up to date / correct

Briana: I would ask relevant questions that depend on the reason for the visit-eg. Ongoing weight loss for client-How do you recommend treating this  and are there any  specialists you recommend enlisting?

Regular  Follow Up visits: How do you find Mrs. Smith and any recommendations or concerns?


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