Tip- Assessing Safety in the Home

We asked our Care Management team: What is one one thing you look for to make sure a home is safe?

Here are some of their responses:

Shari: Lighting is a critical factor when assessing our clients’ homes including: if they are working, how bright, where they are, and lighting to assist at night.

Katherine: I look at beds and bedding from perspectives of safe access/surrounding furniture/support rails, comfort/cleanliness and simplicity of bedding so that heavy quilts/comforters are not on the floor and become trip hazards, especially at night or with low lighting.

Jennifer: I always assess my clients homes for clear pathways, free of clutter, electric cords and throw rugs. These can all contribute to falls in the home.

Briana:  Things like throw rugs or spoiled food in fridge and medications all over the residence- they  are all red flags .

Summer: Other than making sure the walkways are clear and removing all tripping hazards, I also ensure that the air conditioning and refrigerator are working correctly. Stairs with contrast tape and grab bars in the shower and toilet are also very helpful in promoting home safety.

Shannon: I always look for tripping hazards like loose throw rugs, cords, and other clutter. I look in the bathroom to make sure there are grab bars, raised toilet seat and shower chair if needed. For those with dementia that may wander I look to make sure there are door locks placed higher on the door/out of reach of the client, window locks/alarms and a bed alarm.

Michelle: Medication bottles all look the same! I always check the clients medication to confirm that the dosage is correct. Did their doctors add or change anything? Are there duplicate medications ? How much over the counter medication are they taking? If so, how often and how much? Even over the counter medication can be dangerous if not taken properly.

Linda: First thing I notice and look for is clutter, loose  area rugs  and wires.

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