Senior Options response to Covid-19

As the situation regarding Covid-19 is rapidly evolving, Senior Options is implementing additional measures to ensure the safety and well-being of our clientele and Care Managers.

In adherence with Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, Senior Options staff has taken on appropriate social-distancing measures. By limiting interaction in public areas, the likelihood of contracting any virus is significantly limited. In addition to frequent sanitation measures, Senior Options staff will be utilizing gloves and masks when in the presence of clients or caregivers. They will maintain a distance of the recommended 6 feet and limit their visit to only cover the essentials that must completed on site. Any additional conversations or followup work will be conducted in a remote location.

While we are actively tracking the spread of this pandemic and are working in close collaboration with our partners and health agencies to provide the best quality care, we ask everyone to stay updated with CDC announcements and always consider those around you. All public health information can be found on the website.

Wishing everyone safety and calm in these trying times.

The Senior Options Team

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