Mental Health in the time of Covid-19

While the physical health concerns during this time are frightening and dominate the news cycle. There is a side to Covid-19 that we do not focus on. The mental health of our loved ones, regardless of age, is surely impacted during these unprecedented times. Isolation brings on anxiety and potentially depression.

Use these 9 tips for your family, friends and loved ones:

  1. Maintain a routine, even if it has changed drastically. Include sleep, eating, and any form of exercise. Defining the new normal is up to you.
  2. Being stuck at home often means spending more time in the kitchen. Make sure healthy options are a plenty and meals are planned accordingly.
  3. Present a calm energy in your home and in conversations, now is the time to be optimistic about  the future.
  4. When the situation is overwhelming for some, provide a listening ear.
  5. Accept these new or stronger feelings, it is okay to be anxious, it does not have to consume you.
  6. Express your emotions through art, music, cooking, and anything else you might find in your house.
  7. Have support systems in place. Know who you can call when times seem unbearable. Be of support to those around you.
  8. Change your mindset- go from challenge to opportunity, isolation to more quality time to connect with family.
  9. Turn the news and your phone off throughout the day. Disconnecting from the noise around will allow for some clarity and calm.
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