Senior Options Four Pillars

Four Pillars iconEthics

The ethical philosophy at Senior Options is unwavering and serves as a guiding light. Unfortunately, we can all share stories of immorality in our line of work. We see time and again healthcare “professionals” taking advantage of vulnerable populations and their less informed family. At Senior Options we are committed to working in the best interest of our clients and their families.


When it comes to the aging process the list of diagnoses, medications, and resources can be extensive and are ever changing. Our collaborative approach enables the Senior Option team of Aging Life Care Professionals to share their vast knowledge and create the best possible plan of action. Senior Options places a high premium on continued education and develops new Care Management approaches and models on a daily basis.


One thing we can all attest to is there is no replacement for experience. Our team’s combined experience boasts a proud 250+ years in the healthcare field. From skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, hospital settings and more, our team has seen it all and are ready for any challenge we may face.


A key component instilled in every team member at Senior Options is the passion and compassion we have for our clients.These are the elements that drive us to be who we are. The ability to overcome challenges comes from a deep seeded love for this work. At Senior Options we strive to improve the lives of everyone we work with.