Briana’s Top Ten Tips & Resources for Alzheimer’s

Top Ten Tips & Resources for Alzheimer’s

Briana Howard, Care Manager

  1. Listen! with love and respect. The most heartbreaking thing I ever heard an early onset woman say about her diagnosis, when asked was “No one will ever take me seriously again.”
  2. Watch body language. All people know when they are being patronized. Eyeball to eyeball, nodding with empathy. Smile or whatever is appropriate
  3. Youtube Careblazers (wonderful info for caregivers).
  4. Teepa Snow-has many Youtube videos for caregivers, and shows how to avoid petty power struggles
  5. “SEE” your loved one-S/he is still in there, spiritually. They will feel your love, rather than fighting about a shower
  6. Prioritize. Pick your most important goals. How important is this really?
  7. Write up a summary letter after doctors, or visits, with date, name and what was accomplished-  Keep  in a 3 ring binder in order hopefully with a plastic insert in front so person knows what the binder is for.
  8. Humor! Julie Grosky, PhD, writes about the importance of humor for connection, release of tension, and production of oxytocin, serotonin, and other feel good neurotransmitters.
  9. Music! “Alive Inside”- a very important You tube from a Canadian SW /Dan Cohen, that shows how music reaches the parts of the brain that AD/dementia kills.
  10. Include the person in doctor visits as much as possible, but avoid introducing tests and other items that take a long time and the person will get anxious over. Give to the doctor BEFORE your person arrives.
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