Top 10; Hospital Discharge

Discuss these top ten topics before being discharged from a hospital to assist with a successful recovery:

1) Will I receive prescriptions? Are there any changes to the medications I was admitted with? (Get a printed list of all medications, and frequency.)

2) When is my follow up?  Can you provide me with all names and phone numbers of doctors I will need to follow up with?

3) How can I get a copy of my medical records?

4) If I feel unsafe at home, are there other living options? What are the options if I can’t successfully manage my recovery at home?

5) Do I qualify for home health care? Registered Nurse, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and, or Speech Therapy. If so, get name of Agency, contact person and phone number.

6) Are there any restrictions post hospitalization? Dietary restrictions? Activity of Daily Living?

7) How can I obtain DME (Durable Medical Equipment)? Will the Social Worker order the DME?

8) What other supplies will I need at home?

9) Will I need a private duty caregiver? If so, obtain two names of reputable companies.

10) Make sure you or your caregiver are educated on any and all facets of your recovery – changing bandages, how to use walker, commode, medication disbursement, and more.


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