Why is this Thanksgiving night different from other Thanksgiving nights?

2020 has certainly presented challenges we could have never anticipated. In true Thanksgiving tradition, families around the country will ask the question “what are you grateful for?”. We all have so much to be grateful for, but there will be some glaring challenges in answering the question. At Senior Options, our team is constantly striving to bring that level of appreciation, meaning, and positive disposition to our clients.


 This year your table might not be filled with all those near and dear to you, it may only be two generations, or one in attendance, instead of the usual three or four. 

You most likely will not be travelling to Florida to see Mom and Dad for the Thanksgiving turkey.

Your kids will not be flying in from all over the country to be together.

There will likely be no physical hugs.


It will be a Thanksgiving apart instead of together. Not being able to celebrate together with those most important to us will be difficult. Unfortunately, a difficulty we are getting ever so used to. Not celebrating is one thing, but not seeing Grandma and Grandpa is another. It is a missed opportunity not only to celebrate, and be together, but to put eyes on them.

Not being able to observe how they are functioning in their environment, review their medications, and see their overall wellbeing for yourself  It will be lonely for many, and hard on those not being able to follow up on their personal responsibilities.


At Senior Options, our focus is improving our clients’ quality of life. Especially during these difficult times,  our clients have not seen their loved ones for months, and they are showing significant signs of depression and anxiety.

Our team has put together some ideas you can put into play to make things just a bit brighter for your loved one.

If they are able to zoom or facetime, have dinner with them. Let them know ahead of time, what time dinner will be. Make sure they have a nice holiday dinner, similar food items to what you will be eating.You can order and have it delivered. If they are able, let them do some cooking with or without their caregiver.

Ask family members to call each day to say hello, and discuss memories of other Thanksgiving celebrations, or what they are grateful for this year, what their favorite food is at the meal and more. 

In the days leading up to Thanksgiving, send pictures of family members at past holiday celebrations.


Day in and day out we see the challenge of isolation, the holidays can still be a time to make our family feel loved and together even while apart. 

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