Thanksgiving- The value of a meal together

As millions of American families are preparing to sit down and celebrate this National day of thanks. We are given a tremendous opportunity to realize the inherent value in a family meal. Although sometimes stressful, there truly is nothing like family. Psychological studies all over the world have concluded a similar sentiment. A Cornell University study outlines as follows, “Evidence suggests that children who take part in family meals are less likely to be overweight, eat more healthy foods, have less delinquency, greater academic achievement, improved psychological well-being, and positive family interactions”. This study alludes to the remarkable impact family meal time has on youth.

However, when we look around our tables, we must keep in mind those who are unable to join in on the festivities. All too often, the elderly and cognitively impaired are unable to enjoy the Holiday season due to numerous hardships. At Senior Options, we take this time to remind families around the country to give their loved ones a call. This call will prove to be more meaningful than any gift picked out in the stores on Black Friday. Including our parents, and grandparents, aunts, and uncles in on our lives is truly the greatest gift we can give them. Our Senior Options team is reminded of this everyday as we meet with our beloved clients and ask them about their day. To share their experiences gives them an unparalleled sense of purpose that brings a smile to their face every time. As we strive to provide the best care to our loved ones, we cannot neglect the little things. Inviting our loved ones to the table both physically and metaphorically will be the greatest thanks we can give for all those years filled with family meals.

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