The Aging 360; 1st Edition

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Aging is a challenging process. There is no playbook. No two cases are the same.  At Senior Options we pride ourselves on our ability to navigate the aging path. We are known as the Aging Experts, but we are also, if you will, the General Contractors. Our team builds comprehensive care plans comprised of resources to provide loved ones with the best quality of life.  As we enter National Aging Life Care Month, we recognize success is only made possible by the skilled professionals we are blessed to work with everyday.

In that light, we are excited to launch The Aging 360. Aging 360 is designed to bring these professionals together, virtually, to share their expertise and tips, not just for successful aging, but all matters of successful living. For loved ones experiencing challenges with aging these ideas could be the difference between success and decline.

As we all struggle to find what the new normal is, it is my hope that Aging 360 brings light to dark and uncertain times.

Wishing you and your family brighter and healthy days ahead.

Warm Regards,

Shari Markowitz Geller, MSW, CMC

President, Senior Options Inc.

Shari M. Geller

Financially Fit

Marc Bienenfeld, CPA*, BLS Wealth Management

Due to our current state with COVID-19, it is critical to review insurance policies with a financial professional to ensure you and your loved ones are protected. Additionally, when it comes to leaving a legacy to your children, grandchildren and charities, there are many factors to take into consideration. Each strategy has its pros and cons as well as tax benefits, or implications. Working with a financial advisor you trust will shed light on every option so you can make the best decisions.

*Licensed but not practicing

Peace of Mind

Aliza Schulman, LCSW, Thrive Psych Center

One of the most important tips for aging and living successfully is to constantly strengthen your gratitude muscle. Studies have proven that this increases feelings of wellbeing and even your lifespan!  Start by picking a set time each day to reflect on things that you are thankful for. When reflecting, be as specific and detailed as possible. The more specific you are, the more you visualize and internalize the good and the stronger the positive effect.  By making this a daily practice you train your brain to think and acknowledge the good in your life.

Holistic Care Management

Briana Howard, Care Manager, Senior Options

If we find ourselves anxious, irritable, or depleted, try a centuries old technique- Accept the situation, as is. Yes, radical, because there are so many challenges to tend to with our loved ones. Try Letting it go, and feel the peace of mind that replaces the internal struggle of accepting someone’s diagnosis, personality, or history.  While we can’t take away a diagnosis; We can change our own attitude and always know you’re never alone.

If you are experiencing challenges in the aging process, help is just one phone call away.


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