Spring Is In The Air

One seriously overlooked area of senior care is also a very simple one: Get outside more. The word we have for the outdoors–nature–even suggests to us the fundamental importance of enjoying the outdoors. Just like when we refer to something as being second nature, or doing something “naturally,” we mean that it is something instinctive; something so important to us that we don’t need to think about it or question it. As winter enjoys its last few weeks, and we look forward to spring, we’re thinking about more ways to get our seniors outside. More studies than we can count have shown the undeniable benefits of getting outside, but none of us really need studies when we just know that we look, feel, think, and act our best when we make sure to spend quality time outdoors. In fact, a study done last year by researchers at Stanford University found that participants who walked through a natural setting as opposed to an urban one showed decreased activity in an area of the brain associated with depression. For seniors, mustering up the energy to get outside and move around can sometimes take a great deal of effort, but the dividends are well worth it! As part of Senior Options’┬ácomprehensive, holistic approach to taking care of your loved ones, we remember how therapeutic nature can be, and we take every opportunity to help our seniors get some time in nature.

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