The Power of a Nap: A Message for this National Napping Day

Do you feel robbed of your precious beauty sleep because of daylight savings? So did Boston University professor William Anthony, which is why in 1999 he created National Napping Day: a day dedicated to catching up on the sleep lost from daylight savings time changes. This “holiday” is observed annually and, along with recovering that cherished snooze time, a daily nap can reap several health benefits.


When feeling exhausted, or just generally tired at work or during the day, taking a quick 20-minute nap could help improve productivity and mood. There are also reports of a boost in alertness after taking a midday nap. This can prove especially effective in the elderly where studies at the University of Surrey have shown that older people who nap are better able to lead active lives and take part in more social activities. The only real question left to ask is ‘why are you still reading this and not getting some shut-eye?’


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