Overcoming Distance; Bringing Generations Together

Overcoming Distance; Bringing Generations Together

While the aging population continues to grow, thankfully technology keeps up. Due to modern technological advancements connecting generations is easier than ever. If an immobile loved one wishes to connect with her nieces, nephews, grandchildren and children it is no longer a problem. Just open your smartphone and dial the number. Technology is bridging this gap like never before.

Checking in…

With technology advancing, what used to take days has now transformed into hours. No longer does one need to send communications over snail mail. All you must do is pick up the phone.  With applications such as Skype and FaceTime not only can you can connect with your loved ones but you can also answer important questions:

  1. Does your loved one appear frail or malnourished?
  2. Is their environment clean and neat?
  3. Do they appear well groomed?


We cannot expect our elderly loved ones to endure the strenuous traveling process. Skip the lines at the airport and invest in a laptop, tablet or smartphone for them to constantly be connected. The beauty of this is the mindfulness of families to connect while their loved ones are in the comfort of their own homes.

A Great Bonding Experience…

Statistics reveal that more and more teenagers are now teaching their elders how to use technology. The family trees diverge as a person ages and sometimes it’s difficult to connect with each member by meeting them in person. Not the least, it is the technology that is helping overcome these gaps.

Moreover, it is not just the elders who need their families; we should encourage the younger generation to connect with them. Research shows that children who spend at least 30 minutes with their grandparents every week, grow up to be more emotionally stable adults as compared to their peers who do not get this chance. Families can incorporate this by asking the question “What are you going to tell Grandma today?”

Now is the time to pick up the phone.

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