Holiday Message from Shari


Before you head back home…..

We hope you enjoyed our sunshine, beaches, golf courses, restaurants, and all that Florida has to offer.

But more importantly we hope you shared quality time with your loved ones, that you created more memories for you and them, and hopefully had time to observe how they are faring away from you.

Many visitors come down thinking all will be the same, all is stable. Why shouldn’t you?  Every phone conversation with mom or dad seems to go well. They report that they are playing cards, visiting with friends, enjoying activities at their clubhouse, and eating out at the plethora of eateries in South Florida.

Why would you expect anything else?

All is not stable, nor ok. Did you notice the moldy bread in the refrigerator, or the unclean sheets, perhaps you noticed the urine stained clothes, or the gash on the head from a possible fall?

Was it the repetition of questions, or stories, or the empty medication bottles that were not refilled, or the pile of past due bills, and, or papers stacked all throughout the home that got your attention?

These are all red flags that mom and dad are experiencing difficulties. Older adults living here without an advocate can and do fall through the cracks. But all is not lost…

Contact us to see how we can help.

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