First Responders: Offering Peace of Mind 24/7

EMS week (May 19-25) offers us a unique opportunity to think about the brave men and women who play such a vital role in our seniors’ lives. All too often we believe that the worst case scenario will be to call 911. However, we must keep in mind that the phone is not always in arm’s reach. For any Care Manager or caretaker our primary goal is ensuring the safety of the loved ones we care for, while allowing them to maintain their independence and dignity. While those in our care may be getting physically and mentally weaker, we must always take into account the worst case scenario. At Senior Options, we balance these two concerns with a variety of medical alert systems. In the event of a fall in the kitchen, slip in the shower, burglary, home invasion; or anything along those lines, our alert systems can get first responders on the scene as quickly as possible. These systems provide round-the-clock protection, so you can rest assured that for your loved ones, help is always only a click away. An independent study, conducted by market research firm The Nielsen Corporation, found that an overwhelming 87% of seniors interviewed felt that the protection afforded by an emergency medical alert system was an important to major factor in their decision to continue living at home and not move to an assisted living facility. So this week, let’s honor our dedicated EMS professionals, and the impact they have every day on us and our loved ones lives.

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