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The Last Gift

No one likes to discuss or plan for end of life. End of life can mean many things to different people. But one thing is certain, whether we like it or not, we are all going to leave this world.

On a personal note, my parents gave their four children the last best gift, and that was their burial and service was planned and paid for. The paid part was a nice gesture, but more important was the burial and services that they thought about and made known before their passing. We had to make one call, and then we were able to start the grieving process.

We have had children of our clients who do not want to have the conversation with their aging parents. Being difficult, uncomfortable, and sometimes confrontational, both aging clients and children are not prepared to face the inevitable.

As difficult as these conversations may be, it is imperative that they take place and actions are taken. Once these conversations take place, everyone is aware of the information, and the burden is lifted.


The last thing anyone wants to deal with when losing a loved one, especially unexpectedly, is to deal with logistics including from time of passing  til burial,  long distance burials, caskets, planning a service, and headstone. Now is the time to sit with your loved ones. It’s more than a conversation, it’s a gift.


Warm Regards,

Shari Markowitz Geller, MSW, CMC

President, Senior Options Inc.

Shari M. Geller


CBD 101

Arielle Leavitt, Owner

Medamerica Rehab Center, Inc

Certified Outpatient Physical and Occupational Therapy

Do you keep hearing the buzzword CBD? Our introduction to CBD, also known as cannabinoid oil, has been very positive with patients undergoing physical and occupational therapy.

Patients have benefited from CBD after a car accident, post surgery or to help decrease pain from a chronic health situation.  CBD can help manage stress, anxiety and improve sleep during their course of treatment.

CBD can be used topically, internally or both at the same time.

Seeing the positive effects on patients gives  caretakers great hope with their loved ones!


Think Ahead and Preserve Your Assets…your loved ones will thank you!

Danielle Levy, The Siegel Law Group

I came to learn through my networking in the Estate Planning and Elder Law arena, that I could help my mom prepare for the future.  She had a modest condo and savings.  It was the advise that I gained through an Elder Law attorney that changed our lives.  She lived to 97 ¾ and did not run out of money.  How?  Planning.

Many people mistakenly believe they have too many assets to qualify for government assistance, so they pay out-of-pocket for their long-term care until their accounts are depleted. Often times they seek assistance from their loved ones.  But, with careful Medicaid Planning, you may be able to receive the financial help you need without losing those assets by working with an experienced elder law attorney to include specific language in your Estate Plan and creating appropriate legal documents to restructure and protect your assets. Even if you are living out of state and your loved one  is in Florida, a Florida attorney will work with you to be qualify for Florida Medicaid benefits available to them.

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