Tammi Haber

Tammi HaberTammi Haber is a Geriatric Care Manager with twenty-five years of experience, with a focus on the elderly population. Tammi spent many years at New York Presbyterian Hospital as well as The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. After relocating to Florida, Tammi’s passion for working with the elderly only grew.

Some of Tammi’s skills include navigating hospitalizations, home care, and palliative care options if and when needed. Her dedication to her clients while providing empathy, kindness, and patience is what makes Tammi an impactful advocate and talented Care Manager.

“Having grown up in a home with my grandmother, compassion and respect for the aging process has always been part of my soul.  Being part of a caregiving experience is one of the greatest gifts I can give as well as receive. The heart does not have wrinkles.”