Meryl Berdugo

Meryl BerdugoCare Manager

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Meryl Berdugo is a Certified Care Manager.  She has been working at Senior Options with over three years.  Her background is in special education and patient advocacy. She specializes in situations with challenges including emotional disorders, Down Syndrome, cognitive disorders, Autism, Asperger’s, and physically impaired individuals. Meryl applies her vast knowledge and experience with special needs individuals to elderly patients who suffer from similar disabilities and cognitive disorders such as Dementia. Meryl has an extensive background advocating for patients in and out of hospital settings. She stands in as a “surrogate” family member when the family lives out of town.

“I approach each situation without any reservations, regardless of past history, each client begins with a clean slate. No matter what, I give undivided attention, compassion, and care to each client.”