Lola & Millie

Lola & MillieTherapy Dogs

Lola and Millie are doodle sisters.  Lola is a Goldendoodle therapy dog.  She’s been working for over four years.  It’s amazing to see the happiness she brings out in people! Millie is a Bernedoodle.  She is following in Lola’s footsteps.  She loves visiting everyone.  Her energy and love brings so much joy during her visits!!

“When I see how individuals with addictions, psychological issues, Alzheimer’s and other neuro-cognitive disorders respond to Lola & Millie the second we walk into the room, it is absolutely amazing. Dogs can keep elderly patients engaged in mental stimulation and movement. Research has proven over and over again how petting, cuddling, hugging and talking to a dog can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, enhance fine motor skills, release endorphins, and decrease feelings of isolation and loneliness. Lola & Millie open up a line of communication with the client. They allow me to push through, gain deeper insight, and facilitate healing.” -Meryl Berdugo